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Civil Justice - Civil Law Statistics in Scotland

High Level Summary of Statistics Trend Last update: Tuesday, March 28, 2016

Civil Justice Statistics in Scotland

There were 77,721 civil law cases initiated across the Court of Session, sheriff courts and the newly established Sheriff Personal Injury Court in 2015-16 (not including summary applications). This is a rise of 1% from the previous year but represents a decrease of 41% since 2008-09. The number of cases initiated in 2015-16 was similar to the previous three years, in contrast to the downward trend observed over the years prior to that.

Debt cases made up 45% of all civil court cases initiated in 2015-16. The next largest category of civil law cases were eviction cases, followed by family cases and personal injury claims.

The 2014-15 Scottish Crime and Justice Survey shows that around one in five adults experienced at least one civil law problem during the previous three years. The most common type of issue was disputes with neighbours, followed by problems with money and debt, and faulty goods or services.


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