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UK Innovation Survey

Introduction to the UK Innovation Survey

The UK Innovation Survey is part of a wider Community Innovation Survey (CIS) covering EU countries. The survey is based on a core questionnaire developed by the European Commission (EuroStat) and Member States. This is the ninth iteration of the survey (CIS9) and covers the period 2012 - 2014.

Main Findings;

  • 50.4 per cent of enterprises are innovation active in Scotland, this is an increase of 7.1 percentage points from the 2013 survey.
  • The percentage of innovation active enterprises in Scotland is 2.6 percentage points lower than the UK average of 53.0 per cent. This is an increase from a gap of 1.1 per cent in the 2013 survey and represents a widening of the gap.
  • The share of innovation active enterprises in Scotland has increased by 18.8 percentage points since the 2011 survey compared to a 17.6 percentage point increase for the UK as a whole.
  • Large businesses (those with 250 or more employees) are more likely to be innovators compared to smaller businesses.
  • Enterprises in the 'manufacturing of food, clothing, wood, paper, publish & print' sector are most likely to be innovation active.
  • Businesses based in remote rural areas are more likely to be innovation active compared to enterprises in accessible rural areas which are least likely to be innovation active.
  • The highest share of Innovation expenditure in Scotland and the UK goes on In-House research and development.
  • For both Scotland and the UK the main drivers for innovation is improving quality of goods or services.
  • 42.4 per cent of broader innovators reported having co-operation arrangements. This is an increase of 11.4 percentage points since the 2013 survey.

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