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The committee will consider and define the key information required from good quality agricultural statistics for policy and research purposes, ensuring that the burden on data providers is minimised whilst meeting statutory requirements and ensuring data collected is fit for purpose.

The main elements of the committee's work are to:

  • identify any significant gaps in agricultural statistics produced;
  • provide advice on prioritisation of any new areas of work identified; and,
  • provide technical advice on existing methodologies, developmental work and indicators.

In these respects the group will:

  • consider and provide advice on any issues raised by the SCOTSTAT Board, by members of the agriculture committee or other contributors;
  • consider existing information relating to agriculture, in order to identify possible gaps or redundant information;
  • to provide advice on filling of any gaps identified, and on any consequential resource implications;
  • input to the National Statistics Plan for Scotland on issues relevant to agricultural data collection;
  • if necessary, establish working groups to consider specific issues;
  • contribute to work on cross cutting issues or areas of joint interest with other SCOTSTAT theme Groups;
  • consider and evaluate the methods of dissemination of Scottish agricultural statistics to ensure maximum access, ease of understanding and use
  • provide annual feedback on progress to the SCOTSTAT Board; and,
  • work within the overall SCOTSTAT structure.

The group will meet twice yearly and a summary of key points discussed will be circulated to the Chairs of the other SCOTSTAT committees.