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Multi-year datasets providing small area statistics on perceptions of change in local crime rates

Local Area Statistics - Open Data

Local Area Statistics - Open Data

Interactive tables, charts and maps are available on the Scottish Government data platform.

Single year datasets provide statistics at Local Authority and national level by age, sex, household type and tenure. Manipulate the links below each table to recover different slices of the data.

Multiple year datasets provide statistics below Local Authority level: Scottish and UK parliamentary constituencies using two years of combined data and electoral wards using four years of combined data.

Indicator Single Year Multiple Years
Household Tenure Local Authority Details
Smoking Local Authority
Health Board
Self-Assessed General Health Local Authority
Health Board
Long-term limiting health conditions Local Authority
Health Board
Unpaid Care Provision Local Authority
Health Board
Mental Well-being Local Authority
Health Board
Perceptions of Local Crime Rate Local Authority Details
Confidence in Policing Local Authority  

Official Statistics Analytical Reports

Official Statistics Analytical Reports

  • Sexual Orientation in Scotland: draws together statistics and research on sexual orientation from a range of sources (including SSCQ) and presents these in a single bulletin, providing user-friendly infographics and commentary
  • SSCQ 2015: Detailed tables and methodology notes across all subgroups and indicators
  • SSCQ 2014: Time series and age standardised analysis based around equalities groups.
    Supplementary report on improving public confidence in Police performance
  • SSCQ 2013: The first full Official Statistics report on all subgroups and indicators in the SSCQ dataset
  • SSCQ 2012: Detailed tables and methodology notes across all subgroups and indicators
  • Multiple-year SSCQ (MySSCQ) Reports: Combining multiple years of SSCQ data allows analysis of small geographical areas and minority characteristics

Data Access

Microdata Access

SSCQ: A growing resource

SSCQ: A growing resource

The Scottish Surveys Core Questions (SSCQ) is an annual Official Statistics publication. SSCQ is a result of a harmonised design across the three major Scottish Government household surveys, envisaged in the Long Term Survey Strategy.

SSCQ affords the production of reliable and detailed information on the composition, characteristics and attitudes of Scottish households and adults across a number of topic areas including equality characteristics, housing, employment and perceptions of health and crime. The full details of core and harmonised questions are available here.

The 2013 results were the first published with the Official Statistics label in December 2015. A subset of data for 2012 was released in 2014 as experimental statistics; this is now superceded by the 2012 Official Statistics publication.

Statistics from the 2014 collection period were released in May 2016. The main analytical report focuses on equality group themes and provides analysis of difference between groups, sub-national areas and changes over three years. A companion report was also published, examining patterns in confidence in policing using a novel statistical technique. It is therefore published as statistics in development.

The latest annual statistics from SSCQ relate to the 2015 collection period, published in November 2016. This is the fourth consecutive year of SSCQ data.

In August 2017, Scottish Government analysts released the Multiyear SSCQ (MySSCQ) dataset, which allows for analysis of even smaller population subgroups and geographies. For more information see the section on MySSCQ.

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