Population Surveys in Scotland

Scottish Government Strategy for running surveys

Information about Scottish Government decisions on survey strategy is given here

Population Surveys run only for Scotland

The following surveys are all cross sectional i.e. give a snapshot of the population at one point in time. All of the surveys below are run at least biennially and many annually. Statistical information from one-off or occaisional surveys is also used but this will be referenced through the topic pages only.

Cross-cutting surveys

Scottish Household Survey (incorporating the Scottish House Condition Survey)

Business Area Specific Surveys

Scottish Health Survey

Scottish Crime and Justice Survey

Growing up in Scotland

GP Surgery Survey

The Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy

Pooled Sample of Core Survey Questions

From January 2012 a set of 20 core questions have been asked in the Scottish Household Survey, the Scottish Health Survey and the Scottish Crime and Justice Surveys. In addition, where two or more surveys ask questions on the same topic, wording has been harmonised. Both core and harmonised questions are recommended for use in ad-hoc and local surveys. See Core and Harmonised Questions

Data for the core questions from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey, the Scottish Household Survey and the Scottish Health has been pooled to provide a larger dataset for analysis. Releases of the data from this pooled sample can be found below:

Pooled Sample from Population Surveys in Scotland, 2012 (21st May 2014)

In preparation for the first release of information from the pooled sample a paper was written outlining the options for dissemination:

A short paper which outlines the proposals for the dissemination of the new dataset is available here.

UK Population Surveys with some results for Scotland

There are also a number of UK surveys that include a Scottish dimension that are also used to form policies in Scotland. Click here to see the details of these surveys and their topic coverage.