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There are regular Annual Reports and bulletins produced for the Scottish Household Survey - these are freely available in web format, summarised below.

Detailed analyses and studies have been published drawing on information from the survey - these take the form of topic reports and other such publications.

Please refer to our Publications Release Schedule for general information on standard release dates. You may also be interested in our policy on Revisions and Corrections.

SHS Publications

SHS Publications

The main release of SHS results is through the annual report, produced in August of each year.

Please note that supplementary analysis is provided alongside the SHS Annual Report.  The SHS Web Tables provide more detailed analysis at a national level, whilst the SHS Local Authority Tables replicate the tables and charts from the annual report for each local authority, where possible.  These are available via the annual report link above.

The SHS Interactive Mapping tool is an Excel workbook which brings together some of the key measures from the SHS, presenting analysis for Scotland and all local authorities as a time series.

To aide understanding of the full range of reports, analysis and data available through the SHS we have published a simple guide:

SHS Technical Publications

Technical publications are produced each year, outlining the survey methodology.

SHS Module Publications

These reports provide detailed analysis from the Culture and Sport module, introduced in 2007.

SHS Topic Reports

Transport plays a large part in the SHS. The transport publication provides an overview of the range of publications produced through the Transport and Travel statistics topic.

A series of analytical topic reports were commissioned between 2005 and 2008.  The reports provide detailed analysis for particular topic areas of the SHS.


Indicators sourced from the SHS are also published in a number of other web resources, including the following.

The SHS previously published the following publications which provided results from the main SHS.

SHS User Guides

SHS User Guides

Other Publications

Other Publications

The SHS is also used extensively in producing a number of associated reports and publications.

  • Other Reports
    The Scottish Household Survey is used extensively for a number of research purposes. This page provides an overview of the main uses we are aware of.

You can also view the News page to find out the latest information about the SHS.