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This page outlines news and announcements about the Scottish Household Survey, including updates to the SHS website. All old announcements are available through our News Archive page.


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Latest News

April 2018

Presentations from : LARIA Listens/Scottish Household Survey (SHS)/ Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS)  User Day

Welcome and Introduction  - Dave Signorini, More Homes 

LARIA listens and the SHS  Erin  Murray, LARIA/Scottish Borders

Overview of SHS and recent changes Emma McCallum, SHS Project Manager  

Overview of SHCS and recent changes Ailie Clarkson, SHCS Project Manager                                       

Main Session 1   

The consequences of private rental re-growth for more deprived Neighbourhoods - Nick Bailey & Mark Livingston

Private Rental Re-growth 

Tenure change in Scotland - Jan Freeke

Tenure Change in Scotland
Scottish Surveys Core Questions MySSCQ data Ben Cook, Scottish Surveys Core Questions
Scottish House Condition Survey: Data demo Diarmuid Lloyd, SHCS SHCS Data Demo
SHCS data and its value, Craig Salter, Citizens Advice Scotland/Ailie Clarkson  Forthcoming
SHS Discussion: Local uses of SHS Erin Murray, Scottish Borders Local Uses of SHS
SHS Travel Diary and Transport Modelling Kevin Lumsden/Emma Schneider Travel Diary & Transport Modelling
Hints and Tips for using the SHS data Emma McCallum/Chris Martin SHS Data Demo
Outdoor access equality Kathryn Colley, James Hutton Outdoor Access Equality

Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS) Dawn Everington, Scottish Longitudinal Study, Development & Support Unit, University of Edinburgh

Scottish Longitudinal Study
Future of data visualisation and reporting Euan Shields, National Performance Framework  Forthcoming
SHS Data Uses: Culture and SHS Russell Whyte/ Ingrid Roughead, Historic Environment Scotland   No Slides
SHS Interviewer reflection of the day - Douglas Tharby, SHS interviewer  Interviewer report


March 22 2018

The SHS Methodology and Fieldwork Outcomes report for 2016 has now been published. This report provides information on the survey methodology, including sampling, data collection methods and limitations of SHS data. It also includes information on fieldwork targets and outcomes, data quality and weighting of the SHS.

SHS 2018 Questionnaire


October 2017

SHS 2018-2021 Questionnaire Review

In 2017 a wide consultation on the content of the SHS 2018-2021 questionnaire was undertaken.  The outcome report and detailed annexes are now published here.


September 2017

Scottish Household Survey  Scotland's People Annual Report 2016

The SHS 2016 Annual Report was published on Tuesday 26 September 2017.  The report provides an introduction to the survey and presents and interprets some of the key policy-relevant results at a national level. 

Scottish Household Survey Key Findings 2016 (Summary Report)

This is a summary of the Scottish Household Survey.    The survey provides robust evidence on the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of private households and individuals as well as evidence on the
physical condition of Scotland’s homes.  The current scale of the SHS enables all users to obtain a robust deeper understanding of issues and performance, by being able to analyse across key demographic household
characteristics such as deprivation, age, income, gender, rurality, ethnicity and other equalities. This is crucial to informing the Fairer Scotland agenda.


January 2017

Scottish Survey Core Questions and Scottish Household Survey question review

The questions in the Scottish Household Survey, which also contains the Scottish House Condition Survey social interview questions, are now being reviewed.  Additionally, there are 20 core questions included in every Scottish Government Social Survey, known as the Scottish Survey Core Questions (SSCQ).  These questions are also being reviewed.  Instructions on how to participate in the review are contained here.  If you have any views you’d like to contribute to the review action is required.  Please do ask the Scottish Household Survey  team  - SHS@gov.scot – if you have any questions.