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October 2017

SHS 2018-2021 Questionnaire Review outcome report and detailed annexes published on 26 October 2017


September 2017

Scottish Household Survey  - Scotland's People Annual Report 2016 was published on 26 September 2017 along with the

Scottish Household Survey Key Findings 2016 (Summary Report)


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Key Resources

Scottish Household Survey

November 2017 


Local Authority Tables: 2016

Results at a national level were published in September 2017 in the National Statistics publication Scotland's People Annual Report: Results from 2016 Scottish Household Survey.


The SHS 2016 LA Tables present comparative analyses to those in the main annual report for each local authority, where appropriate. Results are presented in the format of tables and charts, without narrative, showing the results separately for each local authority alongside comparisons against the national average. These are available either through an interactive Excel workbook or as standalone PDF documents for each local authority.


The Excel workbook provides an opportunity for users to compare results for two local authorities at the same time and the ability to compare against previous years has been added to further enhance this resource.



Scottish Household Survey Reporting Evaluation Questionnaire


The Scottish Household Survey (SHS) team are seeking views on the 2016 Local Authority reports, Annual report and on the future SHS reporting.


Please complete this short survey  (with embedded hyperlink)


This questionnaire should take only around 5 minutes to complete.


Your responses will help shape the look of future Scottish Household Survey reports and our broader strategy on how we communicate.


The closing date for the questionnaire is 04/12/2017.



SCOTTISH HOUSEHOLD SURVEY - Scotland's People - Annual Report 2016


The Scottish Household Survey - Scotland's People - Annual Report 2016 was published on 26th September 2017. 


The Scottish Household Survey (SHS) is a continuous survey based on a random sample of the general population in private residences in Scotland. Questions are asked face-to-face by an interviewer in homes all over Scotland.


Participation is voluntary, but is important in helping us make representative estimates for Scotland.


Scottish Household Survey Key Findings 2016


This is a summary of the Scottish Household Survey.  The survey provides robust evidence on the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of private households and individuals as well as evidence on the physical condition of Scotland’s homes.  The current scale of the SHS enables all users to obtain a robust deeper

understanding of issues and performance, by being able to analyse across key demographic household characteristics such as deprivation, age, income, gender, rurality, ethnicity and other equalities. This is crucial to informing the Fairer Scotland agenda.




Further Information

The following information is available from the SHS website:

  • News - latest and archived news on key activities
  • Publications - overview of the range of publications produced through the SHS
  • Data Access - summary of procedures for gaining access to SHS data
  • How to Get Results - accessing SHS data and information on sources and suitability
  • Survey Details - information including methodology and survey content
  • Interviewees - outline of key information for interviewees
  • User Engagement (ScotStat) - overview of communication and consultation with users and providers and survey reviews
  • FAQs - frequently asked questions about the SHS
  • Links - relevant links
  • Contacts - contact details for the SHS project team

Consultation and Planning

If you want to keep up-to-date with SHS news and developments, register your interest in the SHS through the 'Population and Household Surveys' topic in the ScotStat Register.

You can also refer to our Consultation (ScotStat) page for specific information about the SHS.