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Meeting 18 April 2012

Homelessness Statistics Users Group Meeting: 18 April 2012

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Minutes of the meeting held on 18 April 2012


Item 1: Minutes of first meeting Minutes of October meeting
Item 2:  Matters arising.  
Item 3: Membership, terms of reference and ways of working. Paper 2.1
Item 4:  Identifying members’ needs for homelessness statistics. Paper 2.2
Item 5: UK Statistics Authority Assessment Oral presentation
Item 6:  Costs to local authorities of providing homelessness statistics Paper 2.3
Item 7:  Pros and cons of moving to quarterly publication of homelessness statistics. Paper 2.4
Item 8: Monitoring homelessness prevention.

Paper 2.5


Item 9 Section 11 notifications. Paper 2.6
Item 10: Protocol for provision of pre-publication  homelessness data to the Scottish Housing Best Value Network.

Paper 2.7

Agreement Form for Local Authorities to sign

Item 11: Provision of summary homelessness statistics to the Scottish Housing Regulator. Paper 2.8
Item 12: Making more of homelessness data using GIS software. Presentation
Item 13: Any other business.  
Item 14: Date of next meeting.  
  For information
Update. Assessing the possible impact of the housing benefit changes on homelessness.  Oral update.