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Evidence Strategy Group

CAMERAS workstreams make up the core work required to allow the key aims of the Board to be delivered.  Programme oversight is provided by the Board.


CAMERAS Operational Group

An Operational Group (COG) has been convened to moderate this and support the Board. The COG will inform the decisions by contributing to Board papers and translating decisions back to the communities the COG represent. The COG are ambassadors for CAMERAS, empowered by the Board to carry out work on their behalf and central to the CAMERAS mission of better join up across and within the partnership.

For more information, please contact Fiona.Comrie@gov.scot

Scottish Environmental Monitoring Strategy

To provide a framework for monitoring which will encourage practical steps to improve the coordination of environmental monitoring programmes in Scotland.

More information on Environmental Monitoring Strategy

Or, please contact the workstream owner: Nathan.Critchlow-Watton@sepa.org.uk

Earth Observation Strategy Group

The EO Strategy Group was convened to have oversight of EO projects, where there are areas of common interest and agree a programme of work to develop these areas and deliver improvements. This group is led by Shona Nicol (SG Digital Directorate), the group will deliver strategic decisions regarding EO direction and development in the Scottish public sector (this includes resourcing).

For more information, please contact Shona.Nicol@gov.scot


Previous programmes

Rural Affairs and Environment Evidence Strategy

The purpose of this group was to develop an evidence strategy for the RAE portfolio and associated evidence plans to support effective policy development and implementation, delivery of the Government’s priorities and resilience to current and future challenges.

More information on the Evidence Strategy

Or, please contact Fiona.Comrie@gov.scot