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Consultation and Stakeholder Events

April 2013

The Scottish Government held an awareness session on Monday 22 April, in Edinburgh on the new passporting arrangements for the Blue Badge Scheme and the National Concessionary Travel Scheme, following the introduction of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) on 8 April 2013.

A summary of the Q&A Session and copy of the presentation from this event are available.

October 2012

In October 2012 we ran a series of stakeholder events in Glasgow and Edinburgh looking at the immediate changes required to maintain eligibility to passported benefits.

One event in Glasgow focused on the disability related passported benefits linked to the introduction of PIP in June 2013 and two similar events in Glasgow and Edinburgh focused on the income related passported benefits linked to the introduction of Universal Credit (UC) in Scotland in October 2013.

These events were well represented by local authorities and stakeholders from the third sector and they provided a discussion forum on Scottish Government proposals for maintaining eligibility to passported benefits following the introduction of and UC and PIP.

The events also provided an opportunity to hear from the Department for Work and Pensions officials on their implementation plans for UC and PIP.

A number of very useful points and issues were raised by stakeholders at the events, these were fed back to the Scottish Government policy leads for them to continue their work on developing new criteria.


Attendee List

Summary of disability related stakeholder event.

Summary of income related stakeholder events.

Copies of the presentations from the events:-

June 2012

The Scottish Government launched a consultation on 28 June 2012 seeking views on ways to ensure people in Scotland continue to receive passported benefits.

The consultation closed on 28 September, and the analysis of the Scottish Passported Benefits Consultation on changes required as a result of the introduction of Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment was published on 21 December 2012.

The Scottish Government also conducted a series of stakeholder meetings and policy events in autumn 2012 on the immediate changes required to maintain access to passported benefits.