St Andrew's Day Bill


The St Andrew's Day Holiday (Scotland) Bill was approved by Parliament on Wednesday November 29, 2006.

Its aim is to promote St Andrew's Day on November 30 as a national celebration of Scottish identity and culture across the whole of Scotland.


What the Bill does not do

  • It does not automatically create an additional day off work or school
  • It does not oblige employers to change their existing pattern of holidays
  • It does not add to the total number of designated local holidays in any year

What the Bill does do

  • The Bill added a date - November 30, or the following Monday should November 30 fall on a weekend - to the schedule of bank holidays in Scotland
  • It provided the legal framework in which the St Andrew's Day bank holiday could be substituted for an existing local holiday from another date in the year
  • It gives employers the discretion to choose St Andrew's Day as an alternative option, replacing a holiday taken at another time
  • Each organisation and company is free to take its own decision about what to do. Whether you decide to have a holiday, or not to, or to replace an existing one. A decision is not bound in any way by the legislation

Ministers are keen to encourage employers to consider the possibility of a St Andrew's Day holiday on November 30. The Scottish Government has made St Andrew's Day a holiday for all Scottish Government staff and thereby leads by example.


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