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Social Services in Scotland : A Shared Vision and Strategy 2015-2020

Vision and StrategyKey stakeholders working in social services have jointly developed a Vision and Strategy for Social Services in Scotland which was launched on 17 March 2015 - World Social Work Day.

The strategy has been developed by the Social Work Services Strategic Forum, chaired by the Minister for Children and Young People with members including SWS, SSSC, Cosla, the Care Inspectorate, CCPS, SASW, SOLACE, UNISON and the Scottish Government.

Our  vision is for “a socially just Scotland with excellent social services delivered by a skilled and valued workforce which works with others to empower, support and protect people, with a focus on prevention, early intervention and enablement.

The strategy represents a strong commitment to working in partnership across organisations and with government to deliver this vision for high quality and effective social services. It is also supportive of government policy on having in place a social services workforce which is competent, confident and valued.

The strategy:

  • recognises the unique role of social services and the very diverse range of support, services and workforce which comprise this sector;
  • reflects on and reinforces the progress and improvement which has been made since Changing Lives,
  • shares a vision for sustainable social services within the context of current policy drivers and developments and the distinctive Scottish approach to public service reform and transformation; and
  • sets out where additional action is needed to ensure that social services continue to be robust partners in the work to empower, support, protect and ensure better outcomes for people and communities.

The strategy also sets out a range of additional actions which partners will take forward to support delivery of our vision.  The actions are in cross-cutting areas - relevant to all kinds of social services and the whole social services workforce - where it has been identified that although progress has been made, further specific effort could deliver value.  The areas for action are:

  • Supporting the Workforce                                                     
  • Understanding Service Quality and Performance
  • Improving Use of Evidence   
  • Promoting Public Understanding

The actions set out in the strategy are ambitious and can clearly only be delivered in partnership.  The Social Work Services Strategic Forum is therefore developing an Implementation Plan which will set out responsibilities and timescales for progressing the actions contained within the Strategy.

To find out more download a full version of Social Services in Scotland: A Shared Vision and Strategy 2015 - 2020.