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Independent Advisor on Poverty and Inequality

In June 2015, the First Minister announced the appointment of Naomi Eisenstadt as Independent Advisor on Poverty and Inequality. Ms Eisenstadt has a wide-ranging remit, working across all policy areas within the Scottish Government to recommend actions needed to tackle poverty and hold the Government's performance to account. She is also helping lead the debate on addressing poverty in Scotland, and raising awareness of the realities of living in poverty.

Ms Eisenstadt gave the inaugural Challenge Poverty lecture as part of Poverty Alliance Challenge Poverty Week on 22 October 2015. The lecture outlined her thoughts on tackling poverty and inequality in Scotland and, in particular, reflected the difficult choices this may entail.

You can access a copy of the presentation slides on the Poverty Alliance website.

Ms Eisenstadt’s key interests are in children’s services, poverty and its impact on children, and family policy. After spending several years working first in nurseries and then in management positions in children’s charities, in 1999 she became the first director of the UK Government’s Sure Start Unit, where she had responsibility for early education, childcare, parenting policy, and extended schools. She then spent a year as the chief advisor on children’s services to the UK Government before acting as director of the Social Exclusion Task Force, leading the publication of Think Family, a series of policy proposals on the interaction of parent circumstances on their children’s outcomes.

She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at University of Oxford and Trustee at Save the Children. Further information on her University of Oxford biography.

Shifting the Curve Report

Ms Eisenstadt published Shifting the Curve - A Report to the First Minister on 20 January 2016. This proposes a set of 15 recommendations, which fall into four main areas: tackling in-work poverty, young people’s life chances, housing affordability issues, and cross-cutting issues.

If you require information in relation to the work of the Independent Advisor, please contact:

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