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Latest information and publications

Creating A Fairer Scotland: Social Security

A stocktake paper, published on 9 October 2015, providing an overview of work undertaken by the Scottish Government to pave the way for the devolution of new social security powers.

Social Security for Scotland: Benefits being devolved to the Scottish Parliament

This report, published on 19 March 2015, provides an initial examination of the eleven benefits which will be devolved to Scotland under the Smith Commission recommendations.


The Cumulative Impact of Welfare Reform on Households in Scotland

This research, published on 2 March 2015, was commissioned by the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee. The report concerns the impact of the UK Government’s welfare reform agenda on different household types in Scotland.


Employment and Support Allowance - Sanctions in Scotland

Scottish Government outlines what Employment Support Allowance (ESA) sanctions are and the current trends of how many people are affected by ESA sanctions in Scotland.


The Impact of Welfare Reform in Scotland - Tracking Study - Year 1 Report

The aim of this longitudinal study is to explore the impact of on-going welfare changes on a range of households in Scotland over time. This report provides the findings from the first year of the study by presenting results from interviews which took place between September 2013 to January 2014 and then from April 2014 to July 2014.


JobSeeker's Allowance Sanctions in Scotland

This report considers sanctions as they affect Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) claimants in Scotland. It sets out what sanctions are, current trends, and how sanctions affect different groups in society.


Review of the Scottish Welfare Fund (SWF) Interim Scheme

This review was undertaken by Heriot-Watt University on behalf of the Scottish Government and explores how well the interim arrangements of the SWF have worked from the perspectives of applicants to the SWF and the third sector organisations supporting them.

The Impact of Welfare Reform in Scotland - Tracking Study – Year 1 Interim Report

The aim of this longitudinal study is to explore the impact of on-going welfare changes on a range of households in Scotland over time. This report provides a review of the literature and presents the results of the first interviews which took place from September 2013 to January 2014.


Financial Impacts of Welfare Reform - Illustrative Working Age Case Studies

This report outlines some of the changes from the UK Government’s welfare reforms and sets out their financial impacts through case studies of hypothetical working age households.


Financial Impacts of Welfare Reform on Disabled People in Scotland

Since 2010, the UK Government has introduced some of the biggest reforms to the UK welfare system in the last 60 years. This report considers a number of key changes that have direct and indirect financial impacts on disabled people in Scotland, including Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment, the bedroom tax and the benefit cap.


The Third Annual Report for the Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland

This report, published on 8 August 2014, highlights some of the measures taken by the Scottish Government to tackle child poverty and illustrates some of the excellent work that is being undertaken by local government, the third sector and business. The report also introduces a full measurement framework which provides an overview of the current position on key outcomes against which progress will be measured in future annual reports.


Welfare Reform (Further Provision) (Scotland) Act 2012: Annual Report - 2014

The second annual report on the impacts of the UK Welfare Reform Act 2012 in Scotland.


Re-thinking Welfare: Fair Personal and Simple

The Expert Working Group on Welfare has published its second report.


Tackling in-work poverty: make it your business

The UK Government welfare reforms will have an impact on Scottish businesses, employees and families. We are working with Scottish Business in the Community (SBC) to facilitate a programme of work to raise awareness of the effects and what employers can do to help mitigate these impacts. This builds on a previous programme and will engage with employers and the business community across a number of areas; SBC will deliver welfare reform awareness raising sessions; develop a self-assessment toolkit for employers to identify whether they have staff that might be affected by welfare reforms or impacted by in work poverty; develop and disseminate good practice case studies. You can find more information by going to the Scottish Business in the Community website.


Welfare Reform Resilience Fund (WRRF) 2014/15: update

The fund closed to applications on 24 April 2014. Following assessment of proposed projects by a panel comprising officials from the Scottish Government, CoSLA and the Improvement Service, 11 local authorities secured funding.

Welfare spend in Scotland budget 2014 analysis 

This report, published in July 2014, shows the impact of reductions in DWP expenditure across Scotland could result in a benefit expenditure in Scotland falling by around £6 billion in the six years to 2015-16.


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