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Participation Requests

Participation Requests

Part 3 of the Act 2015 on Participation Requests is focussed on extending and improving community participation in improving outcomes for their communities. It is the legislation that enables communities to request to participate in decisions and processes which are aimed at improving outcomes.

The Act sets out the framework for the participation request process. Regulations set out more detailed arrangements for implementing the scheme.

The legislation came into force on 1 April 2017.


Guidance has been developed for both public service authorities and community bodies to use. Public service authorities are required to have regard to guidance issed by the Scottish Ministers in carrying out their functions in relation to participation requests.

Participation Requests Guidance

Any comments or questions on the guidance can be sent to: ParticipationRequestsGuidance@gov.scot


Part 3 of the Community Empowerment Act.


Procedure Regulations


Please feel free to use the papers for information and discussion in your own organisation or networks.  If you have a question you can email us at ParticipationRequestsGuidance@gov.scot