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We have selected a number of publications about community engagement. The publications are sorted into categories:

Policy context and community planning

Information on engagement techniques

Engaging with equalities groups

Guidance for community groups

Measuring community engagement

Policy context and community planning

For people and places: our approach to Community Engagement

Practical Lessons from a pilot project - Community Safety

Community involvement: the roots of the renaissance

Effective participation in anti-poverty and regeneration work and research

Making it meaningful: involving communities in community planning

Better community engagement: a framework for learning

Effective engagement of communities in regeneration


IDEA Community Empowerment Resources

Community Engagement in Housing Led Regeneration

Building Community Capacity: Resources for Community Learning and Development Practice

Strategic Service Delivery Partnerships

Connecting with Communities: Communications Toolkit

Community Cohesion Impact Assessment and Community Conflict Prevention Tool

Participation Inquiry: Strengthening the Role of Local Councillors

Champions of Participation

Information on engagement techniques

Community engagement: planning with people

Dialogue designer - plan your consultation activity

Choice: examples of community participation methods in Europe

Making community participation meaningful

The community engagement toolkit

Focusing on Citizens - A guide to approaches and methods

Participation works!

The community tool box

Connecting communities, neighbourhoods and nature: a toolkit

How to gather views on service quality: social landlords

Guide to successful tenant participation

Communicating with communities using outreach

Community Cohesion

Passport to Community Engagement

People and Participation.net

Engaging with equalities groups

Young people

Engaging children and young people in community planning

Conference and events: children and young people's participation

A real part to play: involving children and young people

The rough guide to communicating with young people

Breathing fire into participation

Building a culture of participation

Re:action Consultation Toolkit

So you want to consult with children?

People with disabilities

Inclusive consultation: a practical guide to involving people with disabilities

Are We Being Served? A Top Tips Guide to Engaging Disabled People

Minority ethnic communities

The 'what works' guide for working with refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers in neighbourhood renewal areas

The involvement of Chinese older people in policy and practice

Promoting inclusion of minority ethnic communities

Testing the mix

Empowering Communities, Improving Housing

Civic Participation - Potential Differences Between Ethnic Groups

Empowering Muslim Women - A Guide

Integrating New Migrants


Faith in urban regeneration?

Tools for regeneration: practical advice for faith communities

Planning and engaging with intercultural communities

Priceless, unmeasurable? Faith and community development in 21st Century England

Older people

Involving older people: lessons for community planning

Better government for older people: all our futures


Into the lion's den: a practical guide to including women in regeneration

Sexual orientation and gender identity

How to guide on involving LGBT people in community planning

Gathering the views of LGBT young people

Involving LGBT young people in Community Planning

General equalities guidance

Same Difference? Guidance on community learning and development activity with equalities groups

Community planning and equalities duties

Fairness and freedom: the final report of the Equalities Review

Bringing equality to Scotland: the three public sector duties

Engaging specific population groups

Engaging with difference: the 'other' in adult education

Good practice guidance: consultation with equalities groups

But Why Here?

Guidance for community groups

Skills toolkit for community capacity building

Re:source book: planning for your community

Community Led Regeneration

Together We Can

It's Our Space

Making Community Empowerment a Reality

Measuring community engagement

Making a difference: evaluating public participation

What works in assessing community participation

Evaluation guide 10: evaluating community engagement

Customer Insight Protocol