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Remit of the Steering Group

Asset Transfer Implementation Steering Group

Members of the Steering Group will, between them, have an understanding of asset transfer from both the community sector and public sector perspectives, and of the requirements of public sector property management.

The purpose of the group is to advise and assist the Scottish Government in developing the regulations and guidance necessary to implement Part 5 of the Act. 

The process will be in two phases: a fairly open discussion on what the regulations and guidance should contain, followed by more focused consultation on draft documents.

The group will:

  • Advise and assist in the development of draft papers and questions for wider discussion.
  • Advise on participatory approaches to achieve widespread and effective discussion and consultation, amongst both community organisations and the public sector.
  • Draw on members’ own networks to encourage and facilitate participation in the discussion and consultation, and to disseminate information.
  • Support the Scottish Government in analysing the views expressed and revising the documents accordingly.

Anticipated timing is as follows:

  • September – December 2015:  discussion of proposals, leading to development of draft regulations.
  • January – April 2016:  consultation on draft regulations, development of guidance.
  • April – May 2016:  revision of draft regulations.
  • June 2016:  lay regulations in Parliament (due to the Scottish Parliament elections it may not be possible to complete the Parliamentary process before summer recess).
  • April – July 2016:  discussion and completion of guidance.
  • September 2016:  legislation comes into force, final guidance published.


We anticipate dividing the project into the following workstreams:

  • Asset registers and property information

  • Procedures for making and responding to asset transfer requests

  • Procedures for reviews and appeals

  • Valuation and assessment of benefits

  • Community bodies – model constitutions etc and designation

  • Potential inclusion of ALEOs as relevant authorities


    Ian Turner                 Scottish Government Community Empowerment Team

    Jean Waddie              Scottish Government Community Empowerment Team

    Joanne Forbes, South Lanarkshire Council

                                     Association of Chief Estates Surveyors

    Alison Fraser, Glasgow City Council

                                      SOLAR (Society of Local Authority Lawyers and Administrators

                                      in Scotland)

    Linda Gillespie           Community Ownership Support Service

    Angus Hardie             Scottish Community Alliance

    Shona Harper            Scottish Government Property Division

    Jon Hollingdale          Community Woodlands Association

    Peter Peacock            Community Land Scotland

    Brian Taylor               Scottish Government Finance Division

    Malcolm Wield            Forestry Commission Scotland

    Community Empowerment Team September 2015