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Childrens Wellbeing Surveys

Before we can begin improving children’s services we need to understand the wellbeing status of our children and young people.  The best way to do this is to let children and young people tell us themselves.

We have developed entirely new surveys using well established questions, the majority of which are used in other health and wellbeing surveys across Scotland and the rest of the UK and we have consulted a range of experts to ensure they are ethical and appropriate for children. The surveys were first used in 2015-16 in Clackmannanshire, South Lanarkshire and West Lothian and are currently underway with our tranche 2 partners Falkirk and North Lanarkshire

 Survey of pupils in P5-P7

This will involve a carefully designed and tested online survey tool.  The questionnaire has been carefully tailored to – and limited by - the needs and abilities of younger children, but will allow rich data to be collected across a range of domains relevant to child wellbeing. The surveys will take place January - April 2017 .

A copy of the Primary School Questionnaire is available here

Survey of pupils in S1 to S4

This is an entirely new survey as the previous year's survey was an extension of the The Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (SALSUS), a long-established survey funded at regular intervals by the Scottish Government. The survey will be completed online, under exam-like conditions.  The survey will take place December 2016 - March 2017.

A copy of the Secondary School Questionnaire is available here

Survey of parents of younger children

One area in which there is a particular lack of existing data is in relation to the characteristics, experiences, attitudes and needs of children and families in the early years. To help address this, in participating RCS areas, a survey will be conducted of parents of children aged 0-8. This will be conducted via face-to-face in-home interviewing, and tightly controlled quota sampling methods. As a result, the questionnaire will generate data that are representative of this population as a whole, rather than simply those already in contact with particular services. Again, this survey will be designed specifically to meet the needs of RCS. Although the scope for very fine-grained local analysis will be limited by overall sample size (projected to be around 500 families per area), the survey will provide valuable additional information – of a kind not available elsewhere - about the needs of children and families in this age group.  The survey will take place January - May 2017.

A copy of the Parent Questionnaire is available here

These questionnaires were developed in partnership with the Socttish Centre for Social Research, who are a highly regarded, independent social research institute – part of NatCen Social Research, the UK’s largest independent social research institute.