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Data linkage and mapping

What is data linkage?

The data-linkage component of the RCS programme will allow CPPs to understand how far their children’s services are capturing those children and young people in need.  Some CPPs may be able to include children accessing health services into this analysis along with information of children accessing social work services and educational additional support for learning services.

The information and reporting of this evidence will also be used to underpin key decisions around capturing and identifying children in need of support as well as accessing services.

It is expected that a CPP can then use this data and evidence to underpin key decisions as to the commissioning and decommissioning of children’s services and resource allocation. Are the right children receiving the right services?

Mapping of childrens services

By mapping children's services, and the outcomes and finance associated with these services, a picture can be built up that tells the story of where a CPP is currently at in terms of children's services.  The mapping process brings together information from across agencies, departments and the voluntary sector on the amount of money invested in key services and also helps shed light on the efficiency and effectiveness of those investments.

  • How much is invested annually in improving outcomes for children

  • Approximately what proportion is invested in prevention and early intervention

  • To what extent investment is supporting evidence-based programmes

  • How much key categories of services cost per participant and how these costs compare to known evidence-based alternatives.

  • Whether there are opportunities to better coordinate programmes and services supported by different departments and agencies.

  • Whether there are opportunities to improve contracting processes including the development of contracts that have clear outcomes, accountability for outcomes and incentives for achieving outcomes.