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Nurturing Inverclyde

'Nurturing Inverclyde' aims to make Inverclyde a place which nurtures citizens of all ages, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to have a good quality of life and good mental and physical well-being.

This case study describes how Inverclyde Council is realising its vision:

Child at the centre... of the local community

Our approach puts the child at the centre but also recognises that every child grows up to become a citizen of Inverclyde and a part of the local community. It's based on the development of early intervention and preventative spend projects through partnership working.

The approach has been rolled out across the council and leads the development of community planning. It has created a shared understanding and a shared drive for the council and its partners to do our best for every child, every citizen and our community as a whole. It has helped the council and Inverclyde Alliance to achieve excellence through our shared values and a shared vision, which is:

Nurturing Inverclyde:
Working together to get it right for every child, citizen and community

We aspire that every child, citizen and community will be safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected and responsible and included. We have implemented the following processes to help us achieve this:

  • We adapted the original well-being outcomes used in the Getting It Right for Every Child approach to suit our needs. This involved consulting and working with all council services. The well-being outcomes we use are safe, healthy, achieving, nurturing, active, respected and responsible and included. These are relevant to all council services and all community planning partners as each service can demonstrate how they contribute to the well-being outcomes.
  • We have implemented the adapted well-being outcomes into our Single Outcome Agreement (SOA). We use them as the framework for reporting progress made across the SOA. All the actions and projects that are being delivered under the SOA have been mapped to the appropriate well-being outcome. In addition, all the projects and initiatives that are being delivered through the SOA will have an impact on these core outcomes.
  • We've embedded the adapted well-being outcomes into the council's strategic planning and performance management framework. This will ensure that the whole council is working towards ensuring that every child, citizen and community is safe, healthy, nurtured, active, respected and responsible and included.
  • We have also worked with a range of stakeholders to raise awareness of 'Nurturing Inverclyde' and help them to understand how they contribute. For example, we've now delivered presentations, workshops and professional dialogue to elected members, the Corporate Management Team, Inverclyde Alliance, the SOA Programme Board, service managers and team leaders within the council and commissioning groups.


Examples of projects being implemented through our SOA that are contributing to the achievement of the wellbeing outcomes:
  • The development of a whole systems approach for young people.
  • The introduction of the Bystander project which encourages young people to challenge aggressive and inappropriate behaviour.
  • The development of a nutrition policy for use across the Community Planning Partnership.
  • Launch of a 'Books on Prescription' project to provide support to people suffering from mild to moderate mental health issues by providing a collection of books and a list of websites recommended by health professionals.
  • The introduction of an Employer Engagement Unit.
  • The establishment of innovative personal pathways for young people disengaged from learning.
  • The implementation of a fully integrated multi-agency family support service in partnership with Barnardo's.
  • The development of a nurturing programme to ensure all education establishments are using nurturing approaches.
  • The development and implementation of an Active Living Strategy.
  • Youth Games is an initiative linked to the 2014 Commonwealth games to encourage young people to participate in sport.
Responsible & Respected
  • Implementation of an early and effective intervention programme targeted at young people under 16.
  • The development of a new positive behaviour strategy for use across the council.
  • A reduction in the number of children and young people who are educated and/or looked after outwith Inverclyde. We want all children who live in Inverclyde to be educated in Inverclyde.
  • A reduction in the number of young people who are excluded from school. So far we have achieved a 21% reduction.
Highly innovative

'Nurturing Invercyde' has led to the development of a number of highly innovative projects such as Barnardo's Nurturing Inverclyde Project, a partnership project between Barnardo's and Inverclyde Council.

We were awarded £898,920 to develop a set of 'Nurturing Inverclyde' principles by establishing a project that will provide intensive support for 300 families across Inverclyde, many of whom have been affected by domestic abuse, mental ill health, addiction, trauma and neglect.