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Better outcomes for children *


Fewer children on Child Protection register *


Fewer non-offence referrals to Children's reporter *

* Statistics from the Highland Pathfinder report


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GPThe arrival of a structure mirroring and formalising good practice is a triumph of good sense..."

A GP on how GIRFEC is making a positive difference

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Marion SamsonGIRFEC is our job. It cannot be seen as something ‘additional’ to educating the child. If we do not get it right for the child they will not have chances or choices…"

Marion Samson, Head Teacher, on her role as Named Person

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He knows I was his Named Person and says it’s a comfort to him..."

How two Named Persons helped smooth the transition to secondary school

What does GIRFEC mean?

Focus on the Named Person

Primary school childThe role of a Named Person is a key part of the Children and Young People (Scotland) 2014 Act. The Act formalises what should happen in the GIRFEC approach, which is already working well in many parts of Scotland.

It ensures that health boards and local authorities make a Named Person available to every child and young person.

When we consulted about the Act, 72 per cent of respondents agreed with our proposal to provide a Named Person for every child and young person.

How the Named Person supported Alexandra and her parents

Born at 40 weeks with no complications, Alexandra’s issue with keeping her milk feeds down were soon identified as a more complex medical condition.

Named Person in the news

SSTA supports GIRFEC and the role of the ‘Named Person’

Scottish Secondary Teachers Association (SSTA) General Secretary Seamus Searson believes in legislation that "supports families, providing improved access to services while maintaining parental rights and responsibilities."
Read SSTA press statement

No evidence Named Person scheme intrusive

When it comes to supporting our most vulnerable children, we need better support before intervention, says Jackie Brock, chief executive of Children in Scotland.
Read the full opinion piece

Exploding myths over ‘named person’ law

Alistair Gaw comments on the myths around the Named Person and why it is about supporting children and families at the right time to prevent crisis and make sure they don’t struggle unnecessarily.
Read the full opinion piece

ChildrenCourt rules Named Person policy is in best interests of children and complies with law

The Court ruled that the Named Person policy did not contravene ECHR rights or EU law, upholding the Lord Ordinary’s original decision.
Read the full news release on the Court ruling
Read the original judicial review court ruling

Children in ScotlandBriefing to MSPs supporting the role of the Named Person

A briefing to all MSPs from a coalition of 13 organisations, including a range of children’s charities, was issued on Friday 14 February 2014.
Read the briefing to MSPs

Children in primary schoolOpen letter supporting the role of the Named Person

Aberlour, Action for Children, Barnardo's and Children 1st call for support for the Named Person provisions in the Children & Young People (Scotland) Act.
Read the open letter on Aberlour's website

Falkirk Herald article - Named PersonA positive difference in Falkirk

Minister for Children and Young People, Aileen Campbell, recently visited Westquarter Primary School in Falkirk to find out how the role of the Named Person and the GIRFEC approach are making a positive difference for children and their families.
The Falkirk Herald followed up the visit with this report

Letter from Barnardo's Scotland's Director

Martin Crewe"The Named Person role has already been implemented with great success in the Highland Council area. Barnardo’s Scotland staff report that the system has helped ensure that children get the support they need when they need it. It is right that the proven benefits of this approach are now rolled out across Scotland to ensure all children benefit."
Letter from Martin Crewe, Director of Barnardo's Scotland, published in The Scotsman

TES logoTimes Educational Supplement reports on GIRFEC in Lanarkshire

An in-depth report in The Times Educational Supplement Scotland (TESS) into how GIRFEC has been working for children and families in Lanarkshire.
Read the TESS report

More on this topic

Examples of how the Named Person policy is being applied and working across Scotland.

More on this topic

Getting it right in South Ayrshire

Getting it right in Anstruther

How the Named Person and GIRFEC approach is working in Waid Academy in Anstruther.
Read 'Getting it right in Anstruther'

Getting it right in South Ayrshire

How the Named Person and Lead Professional worked together to support Cameron's wellbeing at his nursery in South Ayrshire.
Read Cameron's story

Getting it right in Falkirk

Getting it right in Central Scotland

A team of professionals, co-ordinated by a Named Person from her school, supported 11 year-old Louise and her family when they moved to Scotland recently.
Read Louise's story