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Getting it right for Ann and her baby



Craig and Julie talk about living with their disabilities:




From a series that looked at what matters directly to looked after disabled children and young people:

Support for disabled children and young people

Latest updates
Getting it right for young disabled people and their families across Scotland

Do you want to know more about GIRFEC and help The Alliance’s work with the Scottish Government? If so, Margaret would like to hear from you. Over the coming months she will be delivering free information sessions for youth groups (1hr) and parents (3hrs).
Find out more: margaretbarclay@alliance-scotland.gov.uk / 07545 073 112
Download: Information sheet / Flyer / Invite

for Scotland’s Disabled Children (fSDC) Parent Participation Project

After two successful parent focus groups at the end of 2013, we're now planning more focus groups across Scotland over the next few months to give parents the chance to share their experiences of having a disabled child. Parents will also be able to give their views on how we provide information for Self-directed Support (which comes into force from April 2014).
Contact Fee Ferguson for more information

Agents for Change

Agents for Change used their rights under UNCRC, to support them to join and form groups, enabling them to speak up and have their opinions listened to about transport, transition, advocacy and bullying. One of them also produced an animation (shown, right) about their experiences of bullying.
Find out more about Agents for Change

Disabled young people take their ideas to Holyrood.

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Case study: Pete at the pool

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