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Programme delivery

The programme is delivered by highly trained nurses (family nurse), each with a caseload of 25 clients. It begins in early pregnancy (before 28 weeks) and lasts until the child reaches two. During the antenatal period, maternity care is delivered by midwives, including screening and core antenatal appointments. However, the public health nurse-health visitor role is covered by the family nurse.

The family nurse takes on the role of the named person, in the care of the child, and brings services to the family for additional support. The materials the family nurse uses to support the family are in line with the core materials used universally, to deliver all health promotion activity and the new universal health visiting pathway.

Local infrastructure to support the programme

Links to existing processes and procedures, particularly in areas such as child protection, need to be carefully considered. The programme does not work in isolation - anyone receiving the programme will also be linked into local universal and specialist services, to support them with any additional needs.