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The Early Years Framework published in 2008, sets out 10 overlapping elements that need to come together so that we can deliver the vision we share for the early years and improve outcomes. We know that no one programme will be successful in turning around lives affected by complex and ingrained social problems. It will take a concerted, long-term effort involving all partners working across a range of policies and services to deliver transformational change.


Getting it right for every child and young person

GIRFEC is the national approach to improving the wellbeing of children and young people.  Through policy and the delivery of services at both national and local level, the GIRFEC approach:

  • puts the best interests of the child at the heart of decision making;

  • takes a holistic approach to the wellbeing of a child;

  • works with children, young people and their families on ways to improve wellbeing;

  • advocates preventative work and early intervention to support children, young people and their families; and

  • believes professionals must work together in the best interests of the child

Delivering transformational change

We've established the world’s first national multi-agency quality improvement programme - the Early Years Collaborative (EYC). The EYC is helping organisations to bridge the gap between what we know works and what we do using quality improvement methodology.

Practitioners representing the full range of early years settings are involved in the EYC via their local Community Planning Partnership (CPP).  Working in multi-disciplinary groups at a local level, they are testing, measuring, implementing and scaling up improvements to services that will improve outcomes for children and families in line with GIRFEC.

We are working closely with CPPS to involve the widest range of agencies across statutory and voluntary services.  If you are not participating directly in the EYC,  this does not mean you do not have a central role to play. In fact, the reverse is true. We are using quality improvement methods which, once tested and proven, will be scaled up and translated into delivery models as part of business as usual.

To be successful, the EYC requires the involvement and commitment of everyone who delivers services to children and their families.  If you would like more information, email us at EYCollaborative@scotland.gsi.gov.uk or contact your local CPP. 

Quality improvement

The Early Years Collaborative is supporting early years services, using the Model for Improvement - a simple tool for accelerating improvement.

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