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Engagement Event

7th December 2016

1800 – 1930


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Engagement Event

12th December 2016

1800 - 1930


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Engagement Event

15th December 2016

1800 - 1930


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Consultation on the Expansion of Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland

The Scottish Government is committed to delivering a transformative change in early learning and childcare provision by almost doubling the free entitlement to 1140 hours per year by 2020.

On 15th October we launched a consultation, A Blueprint for 2020, on the expansion of early learning and childcare in Scotland. This sets out the Scottish Government’s vision for transforming early learning and childcare, which is underpinned by the four principles of quality, flexibility, accessibility and affordability.

We are at a pivotal moment in developing the policy approach which will shape how this vision is delivered. As part of Empowering teachers, parents and communities to achieve Excellence and Equity in Education – A Governance Review, which was published on 13th September 2016, we are reviewing the way ELC and school education is organised. That is predicated upon a strong and shared commitment to the vision of excellence and equity for all children and young people across Scottish education.

Alongside the Governance Review we are using the Blueprint for 2020 consultation to seek views on the range of policy choices that we face as we take forward the expansion in early learning and childcare entitlement.

We want to hear a diverse range of views on these choices – from providers, delivery partners, stakeholders, and, importantly, families. The consultation closes on 9th January 2017.

As part of the consultation process the Scottish Government wants to hear the views of parents and carers and is running a series of engagement events. Details of the events can be found on the right.

You can respond to the questions raised in the Blueprint for 2020 consultation. You can also read a copy of the consultation document. You can share any other views you have on the consultation by emailing ELCexpansionconsultation@gov.scot.