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Forced Marriage Consultation in Scotland

The Scottish Government is committed to tackling the very serious issue of forced marriage and that is why we launched our consultation Forced Marriage: A Civil Remedy? on 4 December 2008 with a debate in Parliament.

The consultation explores whether the introduction of civil legislation will add to the protection already available to those forced into marriage in Scotland. It also asks how best those affected by the issue can access the support they need and how communities can work together to prevent this from happening.

The consultation ran until 27 March 2009. The Government is now considering the responses and will report on any proposed changes to the law.

Translations of the survey were also available in community languages.

Forced Marriage Social Networking Consultation

One element of the consultation process involved the Government developing an online version of the F orced Marriage: A Civil Remedy? consultation questions for social network users to share their views on forced marriage an whether the Scottish Government should introduce legislation. The questions were sent to a number of Facebook and Bebo users including minority ethnic and faith groups and violence against women networks. Responses were gathered over the last 3 weeks of the consultation period.

An anonymous and confidential helpline was set up by Hemat Gryffe to determine the extent of forced marriage across Scotland. This ran until the 5 March 2009.