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National Domestic Abuse Delivery Plan

General Background

The purpose of the National Domestic Abuse Delivery Plan for Children and Young People (the Delivery Plan) was to improve outcomes for children and young people affected by domestic abuse. The Delivery Plan aimed to achieve this by implementing a child centred holistic approach.

The Delivery Plan focused on thirteen priority areas which were developed by the National Domestic Abuse Delivery Group, the experiences of children and young people, and research by Scottish and international academics. The priority areas were set out under the themes of protection, provision, primary prevention through education and participation.

The Delivery Plan was implemented effectively by joining the dots between the thirteen priority areas, by actively encouraging the participation of children and young people that have been affected by domestic abuse and, by listening to their valued views and opinions.

An important achievement of the Delivery Plan will be to ensure that all children and young people who have, are, or are at risk of experiencing domestic abuse are; safe, nurtured, healthy, achieving, active, respected, responsible and included. The values and principles of the Getting it right for every child approach have been integrated into the Delivery Plan.

The Delivery Plan was launched in June 2008 by:

  • Stewart Maxwell MSP, Minister for Communities and Sport
  • Adam Ingram MSP, Minister for Children and Early Years
  • Fergus Ewing MSP, Minister for Community Safety
  • CLLR Isabel Hutton, COSLA Spokesperson on Education, Children and Young People

£10 million was allocated over three years to support the implementation of the Plan.

The Delivery Plan does not exist in isolation. It complements and interacts with a suite of Government policy agendas which aim to improve outcomes for children, families and communities. Its' implementation will contribute to enabling the civic and societal changes described in the suite of Frameworks - Achieving our Potential, Early Years and Equally Well - which underpin our shared commitment to eradicating inequality and discrimination in Scotland.

In Autumn 2009 the Programme Board of the National Domestic Abuse Delivery Plan for Children and Young People prepared the first Implementation Report, with contributions from a group of young advisors. This report presents an account of programme developments since the launch of the Delivery Plan in June 2008. It also sets out a framework for monitoring and guiding our future work.

The National Domestic Abuse Delivery Plan Implementation Report, Autumn 2009

The Delivery Plan came to an end in March 2011 and a Final Report was written providing information of programme developments since the Implementation Report in 2009. Significant progress has been made across the priorities, due to the concerted efforts, commitment and synergy by those involved.

The National Domestic Abuse Delivery Plan for Children and Young People Final Summary Report June 2011