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Caledonian Updates Page

The training of the Caledonian workers is continuing.  Women's and children's workers have been trained in all areas delivering the Caledonian System.  Men's work training is continuing with the sixth round ongoing.  Workers are being given the oppertunity to train alongside the Caledonian team to ensure future training capacity is maintained and that long term sustainablilty of the Caledonian System will be supported.


The Caledonian Project Team has undergone some major changes recently.  Moira Andrew and Monica Wilson have both retired after many years of work in this field and we wish them well.  Rory MacRae, the Professional Advisor within the Comminity Justice Directorate has now returned to his post at Working with Men (the non court mandated perpetrator project in Edinburgh) however, is remaining to work with the Justice Directorate three days a week.  Anna Mitchell, the Professional Advisor within the Equality Unit has left her post to be the Domestic Abuse Lead Officer within Edinburgh's Public Protection Partnership and we wish Anna every success in her new post.


The change in which support is provided reflects the Scottish Governments wish that local areas manage the ongoing development of the System.  A sustainability strategy is beging developed which aims to ensure training, recruitment and management continues, and that quality and performance is monitored and maintained.  Although Professional Advisors will not be seconded after May 2013, there will be ongoing Scottish Government support from both Directorates which reflects the commitment the Scottish Government has to the long term success of the Caledonian System.