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Caledonian Children's Service

The Caledonian System Children's Service

The Caledonian System includes a children's service to ensure rights of the child are upheld and that their needs are met. It will follow the principals of Getting It Right for Every Child and co-ordinate support for children, rather than duplicate existing services.

The children's service worker will:

• Ensure that each child whose father (or mother's (ex) partner) is involved with the Caledonian System has the opportunity for support and ensure that, if needed, there is a designated lead professional who will plan, monitor and coordinate the appropriate support and resources to meet the child's needs.

• Ensure the wide range of services supporting children and parents from different public and voluntary agencies are experienced by children as an integrated, well informed and trained group of people, who act together to keep them safe and repair the harm caused by domestic abuse.

• Ensure that policies and procedures, in all relevant agencies, support and encourage integration of support to children and safety for families, minimising bureaucratic and operational barriers and advocating for appropriate sharing of resources.

The Caledonian System Children's Service Manual

The Caledonian System Children's Service manual is aimed at children's service workers within the Caledonian. However, some sections may be relevant for anyone working with children who have experienced domestic abuse. The manual covers:

  • Getting it Right for Every Child
  • The Caledonian System and the family
  • Working with children experiencing abuse, trauma and loss
  • Helping mothers and fathers to get it right for their children
  • Child contact issues
  • Child protection

This manual is intended to complement full training, not as a substitute for it.