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The Scottish Ministers' Duty to Report on Disability Equality

The Scottish Ministers' Duty

The Scottish Ministers' Duty forms part of the duty on public bodies to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people contained in the Disability Discrimination (Public Authorities) (Statutory Duties) (Scotland) Regulations 2005. The Scottish Ministers are required to publish reports which give an overview of progress towards equality of opportunity between disabled people and other people made by public authorities; and to set out their proposals for the coordination of action by public authorities so as to bring about further progress towards equality of opportunity.

Scottish Ministers have published 7 reports in response to this duty. Collectively, these 7 reports constitute the Scottish Ministers' response. The 7 reports are as follows:

There is also a summary of the 7 reports available.

A copy of the Scottish Ministers' Duty Reports: Events with Disabled People May 2009 is available.

Approach to Reporting

The purpose of the Scottish Ministers' duty is to prompt leadership across the public sector and ensure that a strategic view is taken towards the promotion of disability equality. The reporting aspects of the duty are an opportunity to provide information on the effectiveness of the public sector in delivering disability equality. The coordination aspects of the duty provide Scottish Ministers with an opportunity to set strategic priorities for the delivery of disability equality.

Scottish Ministers commissioned research to enable reporting on the progress which is being made towards equality of opportunity between disabled people and other people across portfolios. The research was undertaken by a team from the University of Edinburgh, under the leadership of Professor Sheila Riddell. The reports examine the policy context in relation to disability equality, the availability of data and statistical evidence, and consideration of progress being made towards disability equality by public authorities.

The coordination report draws together the findings from across the other 6 reports and sets out Scottish Ministers proposals for coordination of action. The report starts with an analysis of cross cutting issues and the identification of overarching policy priorities and process issues, based on the findings of the research reports. It then considers proposals for coordination of action.