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Statistics and Research

Statistics and Research

Research is a key component of mainstreaming. It identifies issues to be addressed provides the evidence to support action and can help signpost appropriate solutions to problems. The following pieces of research have been carried out by the Executive on sexual orientation issues.

1. Attitudes to Discrimination in Scotland (2003)

2. Sexual Orientation Research Project -

3.Towards a Healthier LGBT Scotland- link to the Inclusion Project website that holds a web-based LGBT research database about the health and wellbeing of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender.

4. Promoting Equal Opportunities in Education - Project Two: Guidance On Dealing With Homophobic Incidents: Phase 1 Report and Recommendations

5. The Experience of Violence and Harassment of Gay Men in the City of Edinburgh

6.Portal to Resources and Information on Mainstreaming Equality (PRIME). PRIME is a collection of equality related (web-based) resources, designed to help policy makers and researchers understand the broad range of equality issues, including sexual orientation, that have relevancy across policy areas. The reports referenced on PRIME will give you a sense of how an equality issue can impact on a particular area and how the needs of different equality groups should be considered when embarking on a research or policy project.