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Consultation with LGBT Communities

Consultation with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Communities Equality

The Scottish Government must ensure that all its activities seek to meet the needs of the people it serves. This means that the Government must consider equality issues in the formulation, design and delivery of policy, legislation and services.

This can only be accomplished with the involvement and consultation of equality interests and communities. Developing this engagement is a fundamental part of the Scottish Government and the Equality Unit's work.


The Government is currently funding a number of projects which aim to involve LGBT people in the work of the government, for example:

Equality Network Informed and Empowered Communities Project - A project to create and maintain up-to-date information on a range of issues for LGBT communities through a variety of means, including a website, newsletter and events.

Equality Network LGBT Community Sector Building Project - A project to support the development of the LGBT sector, which will help to strengthen the active participation of local LGBT groups and individuals in civic life and in decision-making structures, and to increase their engagement in consultation and involvement events at both a national and local level.

Equality Network Policy Analysis and Engagement Project- A project to analyse current and developing policy and legislation from an LGBT perspective for use by Scottish Government, public bodies and LGBT communities.

Equality Network Scottish Transgender Alliance Project- A national project in partnership with the Scottish Transgender Alliance to support local transgender groups and individuals, to challenge inequality and discrimination, and to increase the participation of transgender people in Scottish daily and public life.

Equality Network Your Scotland Project - is aimed at increasing the involvement of LGBT people in the Government's policy making process.

LGBT Youth Community Development and Capacity Building Project - A national community development project to work with local LGBT communities so that they become more visible in their local areas and become better equipped and supported to participate in local decision-making structures.

LGBT Youth History Month Project - A project to support and develop LGBT History Month in Scotland and celebrate the lives and achievements of LGBT Scots.

LGBT Youth LGBT Domestic Abuse Project - A project to work with mainstream providers across Scotland to improve the response to LGBT people experiencing domestic abuse.

LGBT Youth Young People's Policy and Participation Project- A project to encourage young LGBT people to become confident and ambitious individuals within their communities, and to enable the views of young LGBT people to impact positively on issues which affect their lives.

Stonewall Scotland Good Practice Project - A national project which aims to demonstrate good practice and encourage mainstreaming of LGBT equality in local authorities and the broader public sector. This project will encourage and support work across the public sector to improve understanding of LGBT inclusion in policy making and service planning and delivery.

Meetings and Events

Scottish Government representatives from the Equality Unit meet with national LGBT organisations on a regular basis to discuss a variety of matters, including Hearts and Minds work and topical issues around education, health and social issues.

Directors and Chief Executives of the national LGBT organisations meet with the Minister for Housing and Communities annually, and the Minister undertakes engagements on LGBT equality throughout the year.