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Intermediary Bodies

The Scottish Government works with a number of organisations which provide a coordinating or intermediary role across the different equality communities. They play an important role in informing the policy making process, in supporting and engaging communities, and in developing capacity and leadership. In a number of cases, they also provide support to frontline services.

Intermediary Funding 2015- 2016


Equality Funding

Projects funded under Equality Funding work across all equality characteristics. Financial support has been provided for activity on key priorities and provision across all the protected groups. Activity is concentrated on what will make a difference on the ground in tackling inequality and promoting equality.

Equality Funding 2015/2016


Violence Against Women Funding

Violence Against Women Funding provides financial support to help with measures to tackle all forms of violence against women. This includes projects delivering frontline services or building capacity in local partnerships to strengthen responses to violence against women. In tackling violence against women, the Scottish Government works to a gender-based analysis of such violence.

Violence Against Women Funding 2015/2016


2015-16 payment schedule


For projects which draw down their 2015-16 grant directly from the Scottish Government (and not through VAF) the following table sets out the forms that should be completed and submitted each quarter:



Claim form (Schedule 2)

Financial report

Progress report

Quarter 1 (April-June)

1st instalment to be claimed



Quarter 2 (July-September)

2nd instalment to be claimed

A report of actual expenditure in Quarter 1


Quarter 3 (October-December)

3rd instalment to be claimed

A report of actual expenditure in Quarters 1-2

A report of progress from April-September 2015

Quarter 4 (January-March)

4th instalment to be claimed

A report of actual expenditure in Quarters 1-3 and anticipated expenditure in Quarter 4


By end of April 2016


A report of actual expenditure from 01 April 2015 – 31 March 2016

A report of progress from 01 April 2015 – 31 March 2016


Downloadable Resources


Grant Requirements Guidelines


Grant Claim Form


Financial Report


Six Monthly Progress Report


15 Monthly Progress Report