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Summary: Gender and Children and Families

familySummary: Gender and Children and Families

  • There were 4,116 children who started to be looked after during 1 August 2015 and 31 July 2016 - 54% were boys and 46% were girls.
  • There were 2,723 children on the child protection register as at 31 July 2016. There is no strong gender pattern among children on the child protection register – 49% were boys, 47% were girls and the remaining four per cent were unborn children.
  • 74% of young people in secure care accommodation on 31 July 2016 were males (an increase from 69% last year).

Source: Scottish Government, Additional Tables that accompany the 'Children's Social Work Statistics 2015-16' publication

  • For children looked after there is little gender difference in rates of attendance. Bigger differences are seen for those young people in residential accommodation, but numbers in these settings are relatively small, and differences should therefore be treated with caution.

Source:  Scottish Government, Education Outcomes for Scotland's Looked After Children, 2014/15 publication

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National Performance Framework

National Performance Framework

Fifty National Indicators enable progress towards the achievement of the National Outcomes and ultimately the delivery of the Purpose to be tracked.

Indicators are chosen to show how the Scottish Government are progressing on the range of Outcomes.

National Indicator number 17: Increase the proportion of healthy weight children, data table

- progress against this National Indicator, broken down by Gender, can be found under the 'What more do we know about the National indicator?' heading.

Publications and Outputs

Future Developments

Future Developments

Data on Child Protection

Individual level data over time is available from 2012/13 and will allow for greater analysis of the data.

See http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Statistics/Browse/Children/SurveyChildProtection for further information.

Data on Children Looked After

Education outcomes was published for the sixth time in June 2016.  The publication links school and social work data to present information on the attainment, post-school destinations of looked after young people who leave school, and the school attendance and exclusion rates of all looked after children.



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