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Summary: Disability and Crime and Justice

Image of police talking to members of the publicSummary: Ethnicity and Crime and Justice

Racist incidents
  • In 2013-14, where the ethnicity of the victim/complainer was known, those with a ‘Pakistani’ ethnic background were the most likely to be the victim/complainer of a racist incident recorded by the police with 224.2 victims/complainers per 10,000 population. This was followed by ‘African, Caribbean or Other Black’ with 189.9 victims/complainers recorded per 10,000 population. The Scottish average across all ethnic backgrounds was 10.6 victims/complainers per 10,000 population.

  • Where information on the ethnic group of perpetrators was available, in 2013-14, 90.4% of perpetrators of a racist incident recorded by the police were of ‘White British’ ethnic background (which includes ‘White Scottish’ and ‘White English’) and 4.9% of perpetrators were of an ‘Other White’ ethnic background (which includes ‘White Polish’ and ‘White Irish’).

Source: Racist Incidents recorded by the police in Scotland, 2013-14


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Offence aggravations
  • Offence aggravation data show that in 2015-16 761 people were convicted in Scottish courts of an offence with an associated racial aggravation.

  • Over half of these were for a main charge of breach of the peace or common assault.

Source: Criminal Proceedings in Scotland, 2015-16 (Table 13)

criminal justice social workCriminal Justice Social Work
  • Amongst those where the ethnic group was known and able to be provided, 97% of Criminal Justice Social Work Reports submitted in 2014-15 related to offenders who were White.
  • 97% of Community Payback Orders in 2014-15 related to offenders who were White.

Source: Criminal Justice Social Work Statistics 2014-15

civil lawCivil Law
  • 1 in 3 people from a minority ethnic group experienced civil law problems over a five year period compared to 1 in 4 for the general population.


  • The prevalence of civil law problems among a booster sample survey of people belonging to ethnic minority groups in Glasgow West was significantly higher than other groups in Scotland at 36%.

Source: The Experience of Civil Law Problems in Scotland 1997-2004

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Scottish Crime and Justice Survey microdata is available (through a ‘special licence’ scheme) from the UK Data Archive.

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