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Summary: Age and Crime and Justice

Image of police talking to members of the publicSummary: Disability and Crime and Justice

Risk of Crime and Experience of Abuse
  • Disabled people are no more likely to be victim of crime than non-disabled people (rates of around 15% for each in 2014-15).

    Fear of Crime

  • Disabled people are less likely to feel safe walking alone in their neighbourhood after dark (57% compared to 78% of those with no disability)

    Source: Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2014-15


  • Some studies indicate that disabled people may be more likely to be victims of antisocial behaviour, although more research is needed.
  • Fear of crime and its impact are greater for disabled people.
  • Harassment takes place in many different settings, including in the home, on public transport and in public places, and at school or college.
  • Harassment can be perpetrated by strangers, but also by friends, partners and family members.

Source: Equality and Human Rights Commission 2011 Hidden in Plain Sight

This research has been carried out independently of the Scottish Government, the results are hosted on an external website and the findings do not necessarily represent the views of the Scottish Government or Scottish Ministers.

Offence Aggravations
  • Offence aggravation data show that in 2015-16, 68 people were convicted in Scottish courts of an offence with an associated disability aggravation.

Source:  Criminal Proceedings in Scotland, 2015-16 (Table 13)

civil law Civil Law
  • The prevalence of civil legal problems is higher for disabled people at 30% as opposed to 19% in the general population.

  • In addition, only 39% of disabled people had solved their problems whereas 52% without a disability had succeeded in resolving their problems.

Source: Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2014-15

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Scottish Crime and Justice Survey microdata is available (through a ‘special licence’ scheme) from the UK Data Archive.

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Equality and Human Rights Commission 2011 Hidden in Plain Sight

Scottish Police Authority, Equality Mainstreaming report, 2013

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