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Statistics in more details

Summary: Disability and Business and Enterprise

  • In 2014, 9% of small to medium-sized employing sole traders had a disability.  This figure has decreased by 2 percentage points since 2012.

Sources: Small Business Survey 2012 and 2014
Note: The survey questions on Disability were not included in the Small Business Survey 2015 and 2016.


  • Self-employment rates tend to be higher for disabled people. In 2016, the self-employment rate for disabled people was 15% compared to 12% for non-disabled people.

Source: Annual Population Survey (January to December)


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Publications and Outputs

Publications and Outputs

Information in this section will be updated with relevant publications and outputs into the needs and experiences of people with characteristics protected by equality legislation for the policy area Business and Enterprise.

Scottish Government Equality Outcomes: Disability evidence review (2013) - A comprehensive review of available evidence in relation to disability equality.

Small Business Survey Scotland Reports

Statistics from the Annual Population Survey for year to December 2016

Businesses in Scotland 2017



Annual Population Survey microdata is available (through a ‘special licence’ scheme) from the UK Data Archive.

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