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Belief in Dialogue

Belief in Dialogue, published in March 2011, sets out ways to facilitate dialogue between people of different beliefs and is a practical guidance document that can be used in a variety of non-confrontational settings to break down barriers; challenge stereotypes and preconceptions; and build healthier communities on the basis of mutual trust, respect and understanding.

The Guide is intended to help individuals, belief communities, inter faith groups and local authority equality officers, as well as statutory and voluntary organisations, to bring together people of different faiths and beliefs to engage in dialogue and common action.

Belief in Dialogue:

·Acknowledges that we are all part of a multi-cultural society which incorporates a variety of beliefs;

·Recognises that we all share this society equally with equal rights and responsibilities; and

·Sets out ways to facilitate dialogue so that belief groups, whether religious or not, can work together constructively to make our society better for all of the people who live and work in 21st century Scotland.

It recognises the good practice already established in the field of inter-religious dialogue and the importance of developing and deepening this activity.  It also recognises the importance of extending this dialogue to include people with  non-religious beliefs as a foundation for good community relations and support in times of tension.