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Faith and Belief

The religions and philosophies that people in Scotland hold are absolutely integral to the ways in which they choose to live their lives.

Belief in Dialogue, 2011

A multi-faith Scotland

The Scottish Government values and appreciates its relationship with Scotland’s diverse faith and belief communities.  We welcome the contribution that each makes  to enriching Scotland socially, culturally and economically and to making us a safer, stronger and more inclusive society, where all can live, work and worship without fear and in peace.

Scotland is an increasingly diverse country.  This diversity is a strength and we are all stronger for building our society on the basis of mutual trust, respect and understanding and coming together through our shared common humanity.

The results of Scotland’s Census 2011 provide data on Scotland’s diverse communities.  More information is available here.

Interfaith relations

The Scottish Government promotes and supports the development of inter-faith relations and dialogue as a vital way to lower barriers, eliminate fear and distrust and increase understanding and respect.  We also support work to tackle religious hatred and intolerance, including supporting Scotland’s national commemoration of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides, so that that lessons are learnt about what can happen if hatred and discrimination remain unchecked.  In addition, we are undertaking work to tackle sectarianism.

The Scottish Government recognises and values the substantial and enduring influence of the Christian faith in transforming and inspiring Scotland’s history, people and culture.  The Church in Scotland continues to be an important and valued part of Scotland’s national life, and Christian groups are integral to the success of our interfaith engagement.

Promotion of faith equality

The Scottish Government is committed to promoting equality across Scotland and working with others to deliver that aim.

The Scottish Government is providing funding of over £1 million during 2012-15 to organisations which aim to tackle religious intolerance, as well as improve the lives of religious communities in Scotland.

More information on equality funding is available here.