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For disabled people, levels of employment are far lower than for non-disabled people: 35.7% of working age disabled people are in employment compared with 81.2% of non-disabled people (Labour Market Trends March 2003). Finding ways to better include disabled people into the workforce by eliminating barriors is essential.

Scottish Executive

Department for Work and Pensions

  • The Role of Day Centres in Supporting People with Learning Difficulties Into Employment (2004)

    This research explored the employment activities and support being undertaken by day centres and other organisations, and the views and experiences of people with learning disabilities and their carers , to understand how people can be helped most effectively into employment and draw lessons from current practice.

  • Diversity in Disability (2003) A study exploring the interaction between disability and other personal characteristics, chiefly: ethnicity, gender, age and sexuality.

  • Evaluation of the New Deal for Disabled People Pilots (2001)

    The New Deal for Disabled People (NDDP) pilots were set up in 1998, and consisted of two main strands - 12 Personal Advisor Pilots (PAS) and 24 Innovative Schemes (IS). The two strands were evaluated separately, and findings from the two reports are presented here.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation