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Mainstreaming Equalities in Business, Industry & Economy

Mainstreaming EqualityBusiness, Industry and Economy

Although many aspects of business, industry and employment, such as employment legislation, are matters reserved to the UK Government, there are other related policy issues, such as economic development, that are the responsibility of the Scottish Executive.

The resources referenced in these pages will give you some indication of the kinds of issues that have impacted women, people from minority ethnic groups, disabled people, older people and others. As with other policy areas, this area should also be considered with an eye on social inclusion and social justice, as issues of economy do, of course, intersect with questions of poverty and access to resources and services.

Money Advice for Vulnerable Groups will take you to and evaluation of pilot projects set up by the Scottish Executive to test approaches to improving the accessibility and availability of money advice services for vulnerable groups. This is a good general starting point for information on the topic.

Questions you should consider when planning research or policy projects

Equality Groups Money

Asylum Seekers/RefugeesRace
DisabilitySexual Orientation
FaithSocial Inclusion

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