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Mainstreaming equality

Mainstreaming Equality

The Scottish Government's Purpose and the inclusion of the outcome "we have tackled the significant inequalities in our society" within the National Performance Framework demonstrate that the Scottish Government believes that a more equal and just Scotland contributes to our economic and social wellbeing.

Equality is about creating a fairer society where everyone can participate and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. No one should be denied opportunities because of irrelevant differences.

The Scottish Government aims to put this principle into practice through integration of an equality perspective into the everyday work of the Government.

The Equality Unit provides advice to officials on equality and equality impact assessments. Training is also offered on a regular basis to staff.

Under the public sector equality duty specific duties, the Scottish Government has published two reports on progress in making the equality duty integral to the exercise of its functions:

The Scottish Government also take into account equality considerations when making decisions on the Scottish Budget.

Equality Evidence

In December 2012 the Scottish Government published an Equality Evidence Strategy. The strategy aims to improve the Equality Evidence Website, and in doing so, develop the richness and usefulness of equality data in Scotland.

A series of evidence reviews were conducted to inform the development of the Scottish Government’s equality outcomes. The reviews explore available evidence about the scale and severity of issues faced by people with protected characteristics.