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Volunteer Support Fund

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Volunteer Support Fund

Volunteer Support Fund

Over a million people volunteer in Scotland. The third sector contributes in a major way to the strength of the Scottish economy. The Scottish Government recognise the enormous contribution our volunteers make to the lives of individuals and communities across Scotland.

Voluntary Action Fund, on behalf of the Scottish Government, delivers the Volunteering Support Fund. This fund is open to support third sector organisations in Scotland to create new volunteering projects; increase the diversity of their volunteers (especially those experiencing disadvantage); and improve opportunities, skills and personal development through volunteering. The Fund will also help organisations enhance their services and improve their capacity to deploy, support and train volunteers.

The Fund is available to support delivery of the following agreed outcomes for the sector:

  • third sector organisations create new volunteering projects, increasing the diversity of volunteers, especially those from disadvantaged groups;
  • third sector organisations provide improved opportunities for skills and personal development through volunteering;
  • third sector organisations improve their capacity to deploy, support and train volunteers;
  • by involving volunteers, third sector organisations enhance the services they deliver to better meet the needs of the communities they operate within.

Grants of between £1,000 and £30,000 are available and while organisations with an annual income below £250,000 can apply, priority will be given to smaller third sector organisations with an annual income of £100,000 or less.

For the purposes of this specification, a third sector organisation can be a community group, voluntary organisation, charity, social enterprise or co-operative that:-


  • has a positive community purpose;
  • is run by an unpaid (or mostly unpaid) committee;
  • is not principally set up to distribute profit to share holders;
  • is not run by or affiliated to a political party or a government body.


It is anticipated that the Fund will operate alongside the volunteering development support provided to third sector organisations by third sector interfaces across Scotland and the volunteering support provided by Volunteer Development Scotland.

Further information

For further information about the grants available under the Fund, please visit Voluntary Action Fund’s website.