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Public Service Reform

The Third Sector has a major role in Scotland's future especially during a period of economic austerity.

We recognise the pressures faced by the sector at a time when it also has a key role to play in helping drive forward public sector reform and prevention, and will continue to invest in supporting third sector capacity and sustainability.

Christie Commission

The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring that the third sector is able to play a full role in public service reform through greater involvement in service design and delivery. The third sector is well placed to deliver many of the recommendations of the Christie Commission regarding partnership working, collaborative spend in localities and preventative spend.  The Scottish Government's response to those recommendations is built on four pillars:

  • a decisive shift towards prevention;
  • greater integration of public services at a local level driven by better partnership, collaboration and effective local delivery;
  • greater investment in the people who deliver services through enhanced workforce development and effective leadership; and
  • a sharp focus on improving performance, through greater transparency, innovation and use of digital technology.

Discussion on many detailed aspects of the Christie Commission's report will continue but we will not delay taking actions necessary to equip Scotland to meet the long-term financial and demand challenges ahead. We will accelerate our improvement agenda, speed up cycles of innovation and sharpen the focus on value for money.

This commitment was clearly articulated in the Spending Review of September 2011:

“We will be working across Government and the public sector to ensure that the third sector’s role can be maximised, supporting greater collaboration between the public and the third sectors both at the local and national levels.”