People and Society

People and Society

Contemporary issues such as social inclusion, equality and volunteering as they affect people, both old and young. This section also contains information on welfare and poverty.

People and Society sub section

  • Equality

    Measures to ensure inclusiveness free from prejudice and discrimination.

  • Older People

    A section to help enable older Scots to live healthy, active and independent lives.

  • Royal and Ceremonial

    Royal and ceremonial visits and events. This section includes flag flying Guidance.

  • Social services workforce

    Information from the strategic to the operational across the portfolio areas of children, young people, adult and criminal justice.

  • Third Sector

    The Third Sector comprises of community groups, voluntary organisations, charities, social enterprises, co-operatives and individual volunteers.

  • Welfare Reform

    This page will provide information on the Scottish Governments position in relation to the current UK Welfare Reform plans.