CashBack for Communities Funding

The application process for CashBack funding is now closed. The deadline for receipt of applications was 31 December 2013.

Summary of CashBack Partners and Programmes

Summary of Partner organisations

Sports Activities and Facilities

  • Scottish Football Association (£5,436,000)

Schools of Football: Programme to use football as a tool to engage with S1 – S2 pupils from areas of deprivation.  Selected pupils receive daily football coaching from a SFA coach.

Girl’s and Women’s Football Development: Establishment of 6 girls/women’s development officers working to enhance opportunities for participate in sport and address issues related to physical activity, health & wellbeing, obesity, diabetes & mental health

Volunteer Development: The programme will support the identification of potential volunteer coaches for their engaging in the delivery of Soccer One, Midnight Leagues, Street Football and work within clubs.

Football Equity Project: Support Football Equity Officer posts employed by member clubs to liaise with appropriate bodies such as Show Racism the Red Card, Scottish Ethnic Minority Sports Association and others to create links to activities.

Diversionary Football: Further development of Street Football for 10-19 years olds to get involved in football on evenings & weekends in targeted communities.

Soccer 1: Develop Soccer One to become a games programme open to all regardless of ability running in the school year directed by school co-ordinators & Football Development Officers.

  • Scottish Rugby Union (£3,691,200)

Schools of Rugby: The SRU approach secondary schools to introduce programmes and principles of rugby into the heart of school life. Once established, a school of rugby will allow all pupils the opportunity to play rugby, which hopefully will act as a catalyst for improved attendance, attainment and healthy lifestyles.

Street Rugby: Further development of the Street Rugby programme as a diversionary project planned in consultation with Community Safety Partnership’s.

Street Rugby - Youth Referral Model: Groups of targeted young people are referred to take part in intensive 12-week programmes which aim to teach them how to play rugby, coach the sport and develop their leadership skills. Street Rugby is focussed on targeted areas of high deprivation and disengaged communities in the ‘major population centres’ (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, the Lanarkshires etc). Youth coaching courses will also be offered in schools, clubs and community groups to those wishing to pursue rugby further.

School Rugby: Further development of a broad programme of primary and secondary school activity in each local authority.

Club Development: SRU work with rugby clubs to ensure they provide more places for young people into the clubs and that the clubs have the volunteers, coaches and facilities for this.

  • Scottish Sports Futures (£3,237,119)

SSF stimulate positive behavioural and attitudinal change in young people from disadvantaged communities, through the provision of sport, recreation and learning opportunities. Twilight Basketball occurs mainly at times when the incidence of antisocial behaviour by young people is highest (Friday and Saturday evenings).

 SSF also receives CashBack funding to run the Jump2it programme - an ongoing health and citizenship primary schools programme which delivers to primary schools and targets the most disadvantaged areas of the country.

 SSF have also received further funding to work on the Education through CashBack programme, which will sit within the CashBack Academy. Education through CashBack will identify opportunities and provide resources, training and support to allow partners to engage young people with educational messages on a range of relevant issues.

  • BasketballScotland (£1,101,300)

Basketballscotland’s CashBack funding supports their primary school participation programme which aims to increase primary school participation of Basketball and linking with local clubs. basketballscotland work in partnership with Scottish Sport Futures to provide structures for participation beyond the SSF programmes. basketballscotland are also using their CashBack funding to co-ordinate an annual programme of coach education and development.

  • sportscotland Facilities Fund (£8,846,208)

 Rugby Facilities Fund: This fund has been set up to offer awards of up to £50,000 for the improvement of rugby club facilities in areas of greatest need across Scotland. Applications are received and a panel chooses from clubs with a proven track record of investing in and supporting players and teams at junior and senior levels in clubs and schools.

Football Facilities Fund: Investment in a range of projects identified in discussion with the Scottish FA and sportscotland that will enhance the provision and development of football in local communities including 3G pitches being developed across the country.

  • Amateur Boxing Scotland Limited (ABSL) (£360,000)

The objectives of this project is to:

- Increase the number of youngsters aged 10-19 experiencing activity through all boxing related activities

- Provide disengaged and disadvantaged young people with a sporting opportunity through boxing.

- Offer training and leadership opportunities for young people in boxing activities.

- Provide safe, well organised and enjoyable activities for children and young people with amateur boxing clubs within Scotland.

- Raise the profile of amateur boxing Scotland Ltd and its member clubs throughout Scotland as an inclusive and open sport.

- Contribute to national goals of increasing participation in sporting activities.

ABSL currently has 111 affiliated clubs in Scotland and 1,537 registered boxers in Scotland. The membership of each club can vary widely in terms of numbers but the majority of the clubs can be found within mining communities that now suffer from high levels of social deprivation, crime, unemployment and a lack of inward investment. There are also a number of clubs based within some of the most economically deprived areas of large cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee. The Cashback proposal will be delivered predominantly through road shows and clubs and the key growth areas ABSL will focus on are: affiliated clubs, Registered competitive Boxers, Recreational (fitness) Boxers, volunteers, Registered Coaches, well equipped and safe gyms (Maximum investment of £5000 per club limited to 40 clubs per year – application based system), Local Authority Partnerships and new Club and School links.

  •  Multisport projects (funded 2009-10 to 2011-12)

Scottish Athletics (£228,951)

Scottish Athletics were funded by CashBack to run three projects:

Street Sprint was a diversionary street athletics project targeting 10-19 year olds in targeted communities

The Club Together Project focussed on increasing participation in athletics at entry level and encouraging a stronger school to community club link and sustainable pathway for those participating.

The National Volunteer Development Programme will offer training and leadership opportunities to increase the numbers of new volunteers delivering athletics in clubs.

Scottish Hockey (£316,000)

Scottish Hockey was funded by CashBack to provide blocks diversionary hockey sessions. The programme enabled young people to try a new activity and encourage their further participation in hockey. Scottish Hockey also worked to create sustainable pathways to hockey through links from school activity to local hockey clubs and to create, where possible, satellite hockey centres for disadvantaged/disengaged youngsters through Community Sport Hubs.

Badminton Scotland (£336,000)

Badminton Scotland provided blocks sessions of badminton in targeted communities. Activity was free and focused on diverting young people away from anti-social behaviour. Badminton Scotland encouraged positive progression pathways for particpants as part of their programme. A Badminton Basics course offered training and leadership opportunities for young people as well as expanding the network of coaches who deliver sessions locally and increasing the sustainability of CashBack Badminton.

Scottish Squash (£228,000)

Scottish Squash provided squash sessions (RacketBall) in similar delivery style to Scottish Hockey and Badminton Scotland. There were links to squash clubs for those participating in the sessions.

Tennis Scotland (£149,000)

Tennis Scotland provided tennis sessions in similar diversionary delivery style to the above organisations.


Youth Work

  • Youth Scotland (£2,650,000)

Youth Scotland manage a small grant scheme of up to £1,000 towards the start-up costs of a new unit or youth group or £2,000 towards the costs, or part of the costs, of a particular programme of activity for young people aged 10 and over. To be eligible for a Small Grant, groups or units must be led by volunteers and be a member of one of the six partnership organisations; The Scottish Council The Scout Association, Girlguiding Scotland, Boys’ Brigade, The Girls’ Brigade in Scotland, Clubs for Young People (Scotland) or Youth Scotland. The small grants scheme is targeted at groups that do not have the services of paid youth work staff i.e. the group and the programme is managed and delivered by volunteers.

  • YouthLink Scotland (£8,299,292)

YouthLink manage 3 CashBack grant schemes:

General Youth Work Fund - for grants of up to £30,000 for organisations offering youth work activities for local young people aged 10 – 19.  Applications for funding are assessed using panels – one in each local authority area – with representation from CSPs, CLD, the voluntary sector and trained young people to scrutinise applications. Successful applicants are given funding by Youthlink Scotland to deliver projects that are in line with SG/CashBack priorities.

The Anti-violence Fund  - provides ring-fenced grant funding to projects dedicated to addressing the perception or experience of violence in Scotland among young people ages 10 - 19 who are at risk of becoming involved in violence, no upper or lower limits for the awards. This grant scheme has recently closed.

The Creative Identities Dance Fund - a strand of Creative Scotland's programme which is being delivered in partnership with YouthLink Scotland. The £100,000 from the Scottish Government's CashBack for Communities scheme will be invested in a series of dance programmes for young people who would not normally have access, or who are considered to be vulnerable or at risk of offending. Grant awards of up to £5,000 will be decided by a national assessment panel that includes representatives from the Scottish Government, local authorities and voluntary groups.

Along with this core business, Youthlink hosted the Cashback Delivery Team until June 2012.


Cultural Activities

  • Creative Scotland (£3,450,000)

Creative Identities is managed by Creative Scotland and aims to contribute to the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities programme by providing and increasing access to high quality experiential opportunities in dance, film and music for young people within communities where there is an identified and demonstrated need

‘Need’ is determined by a range of factors including: socio-economic; lack of cultural opportunities; geographic location.

Through partnerships with both cultural and non-cultural organisations the three year programme will create access for young people who would not normally engage in organised cultural activity. It will focus on those within our communities considered to be most vulnerable or at risk of offending.

In 2011-12, a total of £1,000,000 is available for Creative Identities. £420,000 of this is being made available through open investment programmes and £580,000 through the managed investment route.

A comprehensive programme of one-off diversionary mass participation events will lead to longer-term engagements that will enable Creative Identities to deliver its two key objectives:

  • Access & Participation – creating high quality experiences for the hardest to reach young people and breaking down barriers to participation.
  • Learning and Progression – creating pathways for further learning and development, including nurturing excellence.

Young people will work with experts and professional artists from the music, film or music industries to explore their creativity, develop new

skills, and work as part of team leading to a wide range of possible outputs including: the creation of a dance performance, short film or documentary; or piece of original recorded music.


Mentoring and Youth Employability

  • Personal Development Partnership (£1,614,128) (funded 2009-10 to 2012-13)

The Personal Development Partnership (PDP) is a partnership between Venture Scotland, Venture Trust, the Prince’s Trust and Fairbridge, funded through Cashback for Communities. The partner organisations have joined forces to create a one-stop development shop for young people utilising the outdoors as a learning environment. There are clear and significant differences in the provision offered by each partner which can be tapped into depending on the needs of the young person.

The PDP was developed to co-ordinate a young person’s journey as they move away from negative destinations, such as disengaging with formal education or statutory provision and/or displaying offending behaviour, towards more positive destinations such as employment, education, training or volunteering. The young person achieves this through accessing programmes offered by the four partner organisations.

  • Cardonald College and Scottish Power (£100,000) (funded 2011-12 to 2013-14)

Cardonlad College works in partnership with Scottish Power to provide the PowerSkills programme. The vocational programme allows students to work towards the Engineering Craft Skills Award, whilst developing the their core skills such as numeracy and communications. Key Workers support the student group, including pastoral care, timekeeping, absent management and addressing behavioural concerns. Scottish Power offers students completing the Award an interview for entry to ScottishPower’s Foundation Engineering Programme.

  • Prince's Trust Development Awards (£300,000)

In addition to the Personal Development Partnership, CashBack funding is being granted to the Princes Trust to help finance their Development Awards. The Award aims to provide a ‘financial lifeline’ to young people who are looking to step into either education, employment or training. Examples include paying for course fees, clothing for interviews, equipment and other tools to enable the start of an apprenticeship and travel costs to a place of work. Princes Trust employees will also provide support to individuals in receipt of an Award.


 Early Years: 

  •  Just Play - Angus Council (£350,000)

 Just Play is a joint venture between Angus Council and Police Scotland. This project seeks to engage families with children aged between 0-3 within deprived areas of the county in order that children can play in a controlled and safe environment, whilst developing the parents’ social skills, self-esteem and confidence and raising their awareness of the benefits of play for young people. This project is supported by the SG’s Early Years & Social Services Workforce Unit.

  • Working on Wheels (£150,000)

Working on Wheels is the UK’s principle charitable body for the development of mobile community projects; incorporating play, youth, health, education and sport-related activities in some of the most disadvantaged urban and rural communities in Scotland. Working on Wheels provides a facility for those who live in areas where there is very little or no access to similar facilities and their projects aim to bring disengaged people together to take part in activities which will improve community cohesion, integration, and well-being. Working on Wheels are receiving CashBack funding to increase their advisory services in Scotland. They will also develop an evaluation method that gathers evidence of the added benefit of mobile projects and will report back to Scottish Government on the added value of this type of diversionary delivery.


Community Assets:

  • Inspiring Scotland (£2,250,000)

Inspiring Scotland is being funded to deliver Link Up – an asset based programme whereby local workers (community catalysts) within 10 local communities are employed to engage with and facilitate opportunities for groups of residents to come together and undertake mutually beneficial activities. Throughout, the workers and local host organisations are mentored and guided by Inspiring Scotland Performance Advisers. The intended outcomes mainly concern improved relationships and social connections between individuals within local communities, improved community integration, increased well-being and individual and community resilience.


Other Activities funded from PoCA money:

  • Re-investment into PoCA Recovery (Crown Office and Police)

                                 News Release March 2011 - Serious organised crime

                                 News Release December 2011 - Investigating organised crime

  • Communities Cup:

                                News Release March 2011 - Scottish Communities League Cup

                                News Release June 2011 - Communities Cup 2012

                                News Release July 2012 - Scottish Government to continue cup sponsor