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Compassionate Release - cases granted and refused in Scotland

The information below provides data on applications for release on compassionate grounds submitted since 1993, showing those granted and refused. The figures for applications refused between 1993 and 2010 include some applications made on the grounds of tragic family circumstances. Only applications which met the eligibility criteria for compassionate release were presented to Scottish Ministers.

All applications submitted for Ministerial consideration were approved. Applications which did not meet the eligibility criteria were refused by officials at an earlier stage of the process.

The Scottish Government is not able to provide the names of prisoners who are (or may be) living, as data relating to them is exempt under section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information Act, other than that of Mr Abdelbaset Ali Mohammed Al-Megrahi which is already in the public domain.

Compassionate Releases from June 2014 until present

Downloadable documents:

Compassionate Release Data June 2014onwardsCompassionate Release Data June 2014onwards [XLSX, 14.4 kb: 07 Dec 2016]
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Copy of Compassionate Release date June 2014 onwards.xlsxCopy of Compassionate Release date June 2014 onwards.xlsx [XLSX, 14.6 kb: 15 Jun 2017]
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Cases refused compassionate release - Nil since 2011

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Archived information

You can see details of cases which pre-date 2014 in the archived cases granted or refused compassionate release.