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External Websites

A wide variety of external websites offer additional information on forensics. While the Scottish Government cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of content on these sites, we have nevertheless provided some links for those of you who may wish to obtain further information on the subject.

Forensics in Scotland

Following Police and Fire Service Reform, the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) was established in 2013 and provides expert policing and support to Police Scotland and criminal justice community. It is one of the world's only independently-accredited 'crime scene to court' forensic services. On the SPA Forensic website you will also find sections dealing with DNA and Fingerprints.

Forensics in England & Wales

The Home Office website gives details on UK Government's approach to forensics. Details of the National DNA database are also given on their website. The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology published an unbiased analysis of the National DNA Database in February 2006.


The International Association of Blood Pattern Analysts (IABPA) is an organisation of forensic experts specialising in the field of bloodstain pattern analysis. The IABPA held its 4th European IABPA Conference on November 12 to 14 2012 in Edinburgh.   

Police Organisations

Police Scotland / ACPO

Legal Organisations

COPFS / Crown Prosecution Service

Scottish Legal Aid Board

Children's Organisations

Scottish Child Law Centre

Scottish Children's Reporter Administration

Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People

Children's Hearings Website


Victim Support Scotland

Rape Crisis Scotland

Scottish Women's Aid

Human Rights Organisations

Scottish Human Rights Commission

Equality and Human Rights Commission

European Court of Human Rights