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Personal Licence

When selling alcohol on licensed premises, the sale must be authorised generally or specifically by a personal licence holder. The designated premises manager must possess a personal licence. In many premises, other members of staff also attain personal licences so that they can also authorise sales, conduct staff training, and as a matter of general best practice.

Personal Licence Refresher

The holder of a personal licence must undergo refresher training to ensure their licence remains valid. Gaining the refresher qualification is not sufficient in itself. The applicant must produce evidence that they have passed this refresher course, to the licensing board which granted their personal licence, within 5 years of the date of issue of their personal licence.

If personal licence holders do not refresh their training within the specified period, the Board will revoke their personal licence. For premises managers, the consequences of the revocation of a personal licence could include the sale of alcohol no longer being permitted in their premises, unless appropriate steps are taken to name an alternative personal licence holder as the designated premises manager. In addition, personal licence holders who have their licences revoked will no longer be allowed to authorise sales of alcohol or conduct the mandatory staff training and will be unable to obtain another personal licence for a period of 5 years.

It is important that personal licence holders undertake the refresher trainng in good time and submit their course certificate to the Licensing Board that issued their personal licence. The refresher training is a half day course offered by a wide variety of commercial trainers at a reasonable cost. There is no fee for submitting your refresher training certificate to your local authority Licensing Board.

Further Information

Further details on how to get a personal licence or how to gain the refresher training certificate, can be found at http://scplh.info/ or by contacting your local Licensing Board.